Julie Anne San Jose shoots for clothing brand Get Laud! Watch the behind-the-scenes!

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Missing this guy.

Debut Album. Comparisons. Tsssss.

Crazy fans who compare SG’s Debut Album to Julie’s. Yes SG’s Album is a certified 8x Platinum and Julie’s Debut Album is just 4x Platinum. But SG’s Album reached 8x Platinum after 5 years! Her Album was released September 2003 and she received the 8x Platinum award December 2008. Julie’s Album was released August 2012 and she received the 4x Platinum after 9 months. Now can you imagine what her album would achieve after 5 years? Not to mention, but I’m still mentioning it anyway, Julie is the First ever and currently the Only OPM Artist to reach a Platinum, Double Platinum and Triple Platinum Digital Single Award. What I’m pointing out here is, cut Julie some slack. Julie is just relatively new in the recording industry (as a solo artist) so stop comparing her to those who are more experienced because obviously they have more achievements than her. But wait until Julie reach 10 years in the recording industry (Just like SG)… you’ll eat all the comparisons and the criticisms you’re throwing her.

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31 Pages of JAPSMonth, COMPLETE! 2 Consecutive Years! Yey, We made it!

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Epic talaga eh… 3 lang trending topics natin pero 4 yung nasa Trending List. Galing! Nakiki-Anniversary si Manong Twitter :) Nagustuhan nya yata yung Juli3lmo InfiniTHREEandBeyond. Next Year JuliElmo FOUReverMore Naman.

JuliElmo: Three Years of Beautiful Music and Perfect Chemistry! (May 30, 2010 to Forever More) | Julie Anne + Elmo = JuliElmo

Hope you like it :) It’s the website’s 3rd Year Anniversary post for JuliElmo! #Juli3lmo

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