I have no idea if “Deeper” will be the title of her next album i just assume that it would be, base on my opm2go download… it says “Deeper from Deeper Album by Julie Anne San Jose” so yeah. I am bored and you know what they say… you do more when you have nothing else to do. Okay, I invented that. LOL! Uhmm, this is my fan made album cover. Credits to Julie for the photos I used for editing, hehe. Been a while since i last made a fan art and posted here on tumblr. So basically this is me checking if i can still use the photoshop and if i still know how to post here… hahahahaha!

http://japs-emam.tumblr.com/post/77679518259/http-japs-emam-tumblr-com-post-77588157863-i-have <—- +

Being a fan doesn’t mean being there from the start.. It means being there till the end.

– Alex Gaskarth

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10 Grooms Blown Away By Their Beautiful Brides

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When your heart is broken, when you have cracks in your heart… it lets the light in.

– Ellen DeGeneres to Lea Michele (via slightlymisplaced) Via The Ellen DeGeneres Show

We can all help. Money, In Kind, Volunteer, Pray.

My Remarkable Twenties!: Simply Remarkable: Singer and Actress Julie Anne San Jose



I love seeing talented and persevering people succeed. Isn’t it inspiring? Teen singer and actress Julie Anne San Jose is an absolute “shoe-in” as the Next Big Pop Star after Sarah Geronimo and Regine Velasquez. It’s also safe to say that she is among the first Filipina artists who utilized…

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Julie Anne San Jose shoots for clothing brand Get Laud! Watch the behind-the-scenes!

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